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Back in January I was invited to a Best Buy Mom and Me Boot Camp with Tommy Europe.

Actually I wasn’t originally invited but then my friend Lisa got me an invite because I thought it was a cool event and being into fitness and all, it made sense. Anyhoo….Lisa got strep throat and I was without a vehicle so the whole thing was a no-go.

The event was to get the word out about Viva from Best Buy where you can purchase items that will ‘support and enhance the way you live (for the record, they have good prices).

BUT what I was most interested in was the UP by Jawbone. Fitness trackers are all the rage and I love that because I feel like you get better results and have more success when you’re accountable, especially when you are first starting out. By tracking your movement and eating, your numbers are there right in front of you.

I wore the UP for the past three weeks and here’s my take on it.


I am a techno-phobe and the thought of setting up any new device makes me procrastinate which is exactly what I did for a few days after I got it. When I did finally open the package, the entire set up took me less than 15 minutes. If a normal person is setting it up, cut that time in half.


UP fit nicely around my wrist and was non-intrusive in my day-to-day life.


Syncing is incredibly easy–simply plug into your smartphone using the headphone jack in the UP band and press the sync button. Charging is done through a USB Cable and the charge lasts about a week.


My favourite feature was tracking my sleep. With UP you can view how long it took you to fall asleep, total hours of sleep, how many times you woke up, and how many hours you were in light sleep vs. deep sleep. I found this information FASCINATING.


UP keeps track of how many steps you take in a day and allows you to set goals. I also like that you can log in other workouts like cycling or boot camp (but not swimming! UP doesn’t like the water).  In the picture below you can see that because I work from home, I’m actually fairly inactive throughout the day – the spike is where I went for a 30 minute run in the afternoon. And even with my 30 minute run I still didn’t make my 10,000 steps in a day goal. There is truth to the fact that we are a society who sits too much – even when you’re someone who is training for a triathlon.



UP also lets you keep track of your moods and add comments about your daily activities and sleep. You can set an Idle Alert so the band vibrates if you’ve been inactive for a set amount of time determined by you. And you can connect other Apps such as MyFitnessPal, IFTTT and Runkeeper (you can view a list of the Apps on this page).

All in all I’d give UP a two thumbs up. It’s a good product that will help keep you accountable.

Thank you  Viva from Best Buy  for letting me try it out.

p.p.s. I was given the UP by Jawbone to test and review (and yes, I get to keep it) but as is standard with me, if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be writing about it. I will only ever write about something I like. It’s basically a crap shoot if you send me something. You’ve been warned.


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  1. Peady says:

    This sounds like a product I would really like. I use some of the apps for tracking fitness and food, but I love the idea of wearing a simple device and getting a true picture of my *actual* activity. I’m certain I overestimate.

    Unless I eat chips. Then I underestimate. ;)

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