Trying Stuff: You Decide

A few weeks ago Columbia sent me this jacket:

Whirlibird Interchange JacketIt’s the Whirlibird Interchange Jacket and I’ve pretty much worn it every single day, especially when I’m at the rink either helping out on the ice or sitting in the stands while my son has his speed skating practice. I sometimes even wear it when I’m working at my desk because, yes, I AM always that cold.

I received the jacket as part of the Columbia #TryingStuff campaign. Apparently a 40+ year old woman attempting speed skating and triathlons caught their eye and they want to encourage you to get out and try stuff this winter.

Hibernation is for wussies!

The last post I wrote about Trying Stuff, I wanted y’all to try volunteering because most sports can’t be run without the amazing people who volunteer their time and expertise to help make your child’s experience the best it can be.

But, you know what? This time I want you to decide what you’d like me to try while wearing my new jacket that’s NOT BLACK. I’ll warn you in advance that last year I attempted snowboarding which means that one’s off the table.

So offer up some suggestions and let me know what I should try. If it’s within reason, Imma gonna do it.

Because damn it, we should all Just Try.


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11 Responses to Trying Stuff: You Decide

  1. Brandy says:

    I love the colour of that jacket! It is gorgeous! I need a new winter jacket. The ones I have are old (well my old black Columbia is really old, like since my first was born 8 years ago). And I suggest you come up here and do some snowmobiling or ice fishing? hehe!

  2. Jacki says:

    Hot yoga in that jacket would be fun. :P

    Seriously, though, how about ice sculpting?

  3. Jessica Valiquette says:

    Ski Jump!
    Okay, not easy…probably not practical. Definitely terrifying….but I bet it would be fun!!!

  4. Kathryn says:

    Come out and play some hockey with the other hockey moms :)

  5. melissa says:

    Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are both SO MUCH FUN!

    Or you could combine your loves and wear that kickass jacket while show shovelling for other people?

  6. Kaari Cox says:

    Long track skating (insert evil smiley here)

  7. sueg says:

    I thought snow shoeing too…sooo…c’mon up where there is real snow and try a race or just a walk through the snowy woods.

  8. KP says:

    Bungee jumping? Rappelling from a building? Rock climbing? :)

  9. Katja says:

    Snowshoeing or dog sledding.

  10. Melissa says:

    Snowshoeing! (Is that how it’s spelled?)

    I’ll come and take your picture. :)

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