Things I Learned During #FatBlast50

I get asked a lot of questions about #FatBlast50 so with no further ado:


1) Know what has no grains or sugar? Salt and vinegar chips and french fries. You can still make bad choices and eat like crap doing a plan like this.

2) It’s not as difficult as you think. To succeed you need to plan. That means shopping for groceries and preparing foods in advance. I bulk cooked items like soup and chicken breasts so they were there when I was hungry. It helped me from making bad decisions *See salt and vinegar chips above*

3) I can’t put into words how much I loved my morning coffee with sweetened cream. If I didn’t have it, my whole day was off. During the challenge I switched to cream only and the first week SUCKED ASS. It basically ruined coffee for me. Then after about three weeks I grew to like it and I still haven’t gone back to the sweetened cream, nor will I. Be patient, your body acclimates.

4) You won’t feel deprived. I mean, at times you might like when your kids are eating warm, fresh-baked bread with melty butter right in front of you not realizing how close you are to jumping across the table and snatching it from their greasy hands, but for the most part you won’t. You shouldn’t feel hungry not eating grains or sugar because you should be filling up with good stuff like lean proteins and vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables.

5) You will learn you like new things. Roasted broccoli? Curried sweet potato soup? This opened up a whole new world for me and, trickle-down-effect, my family. My favourite new snack is frozen vegetables, as in I eat them while they are still frozen. I put a bowl beside my desk, munch away and voila! No guilt about mindless eating. Also, anise will never stop being funny.

6) Shakes aren’t for me. Listen, if protein shakes work for you, more power to you. I discovered I need to chew my food or I still feel hungry. Therefore I will leave my shaking for Shakira songs.

7) Your workouts won’t be affected and might even be better. Some of my workouts are on the long side – an hour to an hour and a half so I was all “What do you mean no bagel and peanut butter before I go for a run? What is this craziness ye speak of?” Fueling your workouts using non-grain foods is just as effective, if not more so, than eating bagels and pasta.

8) You will eat a LOT. I was eating every two hours which translated into eating quite a bit of food, mostly vegetables or fruit combined with some sort of protein. That brings us to the next point.

9) You will spend a lot of time preparing food. I’m not going to kid you, preparing real food every day, seven days a week takes time and effort. I spent more time in the kitchen these past two months then I did in the previous six. Note, you will also grocery shop more.

10) You don’t have to be all or nothing. I mean, it’s totally okay if you are but that’s just not my life mantra. I had my glass of wine on Saturday nights during the entire process and even had a grilled cheese with fries one day and still saw results. Don’t ever beat yourself up for not following something 100%.

Life is a journey peeps.

We all end inevitably end up at the same destination, you can’t get around that, but it’s our individual journeys that make us who we are.


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Sharon DeVellis is a mother, wife and writer who can uncork a wine bottle in less than 10 seconds but buys twist-offs for emergencies. She’s currently in therapy to stop talking about herself in third person.
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3 Responses to Things I Learned During #FatBlast50

  1. Javamom says:

    I eat frozen raspberries. YUM. Never tried the frozen veg.
    And I totally agree on the shake thing. I just can’t get into it…unless I use it as a supplemental drink, which it is in my opinion.

    This is a great write-up. I sometimes find myself get so involved in my habits (like you mention with the sweet cream and coffee) that I forget that if you give your body a chance to acclimatize, it will. Dropping wine wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (and I don’t deprive, I still have it semi-regularly, just not daily) and ultimately you do feel better.

    Now imagine how much more fun this type of a ‘diet’ would be during harvest season. February/March is such a hard time of year to find decent veg…sounds like you did great though! Congratulations.


  2. Keith says:

    You put cream in your coffee??? (horrified!)

    Other than that, it all looks pretty good. How long do the veggies stay frozen? Any particular ones you liked to snack on the most?

  3. SL says:

    Thanks for the wrap up! It’s very insightful.

    I love that you are not an all or nothing kind of gal.

    I also love that taking away your bagels turns you into a pirate.
    “What is this craziness ye speak of?” Hah!

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