Speed Skating Story

I’m not sure how you got here but since you’re here you may want to stick around and find out why a non-athletic, woman who had only skated three times in her adult life decided to try short track speed skating. Ultimately, it changed my life.

This is where it all began.

Below you’ll find my story in chronological order. Rest assured, it’s not always pretty, but it’s mine and it makes me pretty proud.

March 2011

Showing Up Is Actually All Of The Battle
Stop Focusing On What You Can’t Do and Focus On What You’ve Got
It Seems Staying Upright Isn’t My Only Problem
Kick My Butt Thursdays
Crossing The Crossover Barrier
This Is The Bum That Wine Built

April 2011

Determined Not Brave
I Bet Apolo Anton Ohno Doesn’t Have To Deal With This

May 2011

Just So You Know…
Chasing Your Dreams
Going All Billy Idol and Running With Myself
Finding Inspiration In Daily Life
Just Try

June 2011

Warrior Moms
Making The Most Of Opportunities

July 2011

Stop With The Snack Insanity!
Freedom Runs And Always Bring Water
Reality Check By People Who Aren’t Even Four Feet Tall
Life Unplugged

August 2011

The CN Tower Edge Walk
Sometimes We Fear The Wrong Things
Being Your Own Worst Enemy
I’m Not Alone
Finding Your Speed Skating

September 2011

Who Makes This Stuff Up
Never Lose Your Enthusiasm
The Start Of A New Season: Or How I’m Kicking Butt At The Dojo
The Flabulous Countdown Begins
Live Loud
Can You Feel The Burn?
Baby Steps
The Smallest Decisions Can Have The Biggest Ripples

October 2011

Spinning: It’s Not My Legs That Hurt
Toot Your Own Horn
Simple Fixes For Big Problems
Killing My Fellow Skaters
The Spanx People In Your Life
Mom Of A Speed Skater
The Little Things
Listen, I’m Only Human

November 2011

My Husband: The Sweet Talker
Speed Skating Race Day
My Brand Spanking New Speed Skating Helmet
Learn From Those Who Know
Oh, For Crying Out Loud
Part 1: Chasing Your Dreams
Part 2: Chasing Your Dreams
Part 3: Chasing Your Dreams
I Am Not An Animal
Orthotics Hell
Pride Comes After The Fall
Super Secret
Follow Up To The Super Secret

December 2011

Cheetah, Cheetah Pumpkin Pie Eatah
Life Lessons Learned At Great Wolf Lodge
F*cking Relays
The Laws Of Detraction
My Unauthorized Biography

Santa Claus Is Coming…To Watch You Skate
Life Lessons Learned Training For A 15 k Race
This Close

New Year’s Resolutions

January 2012

Everyone Has A Story
Random Things That Don’t Actually Make A Post But I’m Writing It Anyway
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
This Is Me Kicking Your Butt
The Numbers Of My Life
Go With Your Gut
My Hero: The Second Edition
It’s Not All Sunshine And Roses
Speed Skating Safety Glasses

Why I’m Giving Up Distance Running
Like A Turtle But On Sharp Blades
Personal Bests and Looking Stupid

February 2012

March 2012

New Skate Bliss

Strive To Suck
Skating With My Son
100 Push Up Challenge: Week 1
One Year Later – Comparative Videos
Light Bulb Moment 283
A Pigeon, A Flamethrower and A Unicycle
A Gong Show On Wheels
Setting A Goal
In A Phrase I Never Thought I Would Say: Relays Were The Best Part Of My Night
100 Push Up Challenge: Week 2
There Aren’t Enough Curse Words In The World
Words Have Power — Use Them Wisely
The Last Night

April 2012

Sucky and Spectacular
100 Push Up Challenge: Week 3
Dear Sharon: WTF. Signed Your Legs
Dear Neighbours: I’m Not Resting. I’m Dead
100 Push Up Challenge: Week 4
The Specialness Of Not Being Special
Being Happy
Good Marriages Are Based On White Lies And Competition
Running With Scissors
100 Push Up  Challenge: Week 5
I Am A Strawman With A Chainsaw
On How I May Run Sprints With Children 
What Y’all Should Be Thankful For

 May 2012

100 Push Up Challenge: Week 6 But Really Week 5
The Summer Of Sprints And Not Just To The LCBO
Day One Of Sprints – Sort Of
World Champion Speed Skater: Brittany Schussler 
I Don’t Even Know Me Anymore 
100 Push Ups: Week 5 Again
Ten Ways To Be Active With Your Kids
I Am A Sloth. No, Really. I Am. Look.
Dryland Training Has Begun
Do You Know What This Means?
A Flailing Hot Mess And Drinking Wine. Cause I’m An Athlete

June 2012

The Same Yet Different
The Grown Up Version Of GTL
Wetland Training
Unexpected Results Of Trying Something New
She’s Not Dying, She Just Looks That Way
The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us
Feed Your Kids Real Food
Never Ever Ever Travel With Me. Ever

July 2012

Swing Your Arms and Kids Aren’t As Fun As They Seem
My Husband The Sweet Talker: Part Duh
Make Today The Day You Try Something New
And Then I Walked Into A Tree
You’ll Have To Stand Up To Read This Post
Taking Setbacks In Stride
And The Student Surpasses The Teacher

August 2012

Even When They Think I’m A Big Dummy
Why We Should Have Regular People At The Olympics
Rocking A Gold Lamé Dress
It’s Always Going To Hurt So Stop Your Whining
I Can’t Even Fathom The Disappointment
The Frustration Of Parenting
Starting At Zero
 How My Husband Ended Up Being My Trainer
 I’ll Take Things That Start With “S” For $500, Alex

 September 2012

 You Want Me To Put Those Balls Where?
Russian Twists Are Not What I Thought They’d Be
Want Your Mind Blown? Have Kids
Do It Anyway
Laughing My Butt Off – If Only It Were That Simple
Let’s Carpe The Hell Out Of This Diem

October 2012

A Hamster On A Wheel and Being Delusional
If You Want To Succeed Be A Quitter
There’s Room To Trim A Bit Of Time Off That, Mom – My Son: Captain Obvious
Finding Joy In Life
Nice To Meet You
Getting Up, Getting Hugged and Getting Drafted
I Make Up Words But Sometimes They’re Really Good Like This One: Truthtellers
Sometimes Other People Know What’s Best For You Even When You Think They’re Crazy or How I Skated In My First Meet
On Winning And Good Sportsmanship

November 2012

The Second Best Gift Ever
Progressively Progressing Or How Monkeys Can Skate Better Than Me
It’s Easier To Get Faster Than It Is To Get Funnier
Winning Isn’t Everything
Apparently She Felt ‘Sorry’ For Me But What I Really Wanted To Tell Her Was This
On Not Exercising And Kids Who Feel The Need For Speed

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