The Olympics And A Little Bit About Me!

Hi you reading this blog right now!


Did you get here because you googled Speed Skating Blogger or Speed Skating Writer or Speed Skating Blog?

This past week has been cuh-razy in terms of the emails and pitches I’ve been receiving about the Olympics and speed skating. After the fifth one the little hamsters on the wheel in my head started running, which turned on my light bulb and I did a google search and realized that when you google any of those things, I’m the first one who comes up.

It’s a pretty niche market, apparently.

But that’s great that you’re showing an interest in Short Track Speed Skating! The Olympics tends to bring out the speed skating fans. In fact, that’s how my son got started in speed skating. Late one night during the 2010 Olympics my husband was watching speed skating and our son came out from his bedroom, saw it, and decided that’s what he wanted to do. I was sleeping so I had no idea this was going on.

I was pretty lazy back then.

Then my husband found a club close to us and signed him up. While I was quite hesitant at first (Note: If you’re signing your first born–or any born–child up for speed skating do NOT google speed skating accidents) I now know that speed skating is actually a pretty safe sport comparatively speaking.

And look at us now! Three people in my family speed skate. The other one is holding out with his hockey but that’s coolio because he loves it and that’s all you really want for your kids, is for them to find things in life they love, isn’t it?

But back to the pitches and stuff. Before you email me, which you totally can! I love getting emails. I’ll even make it easy for you to find my email address.


But before you click send you should know a few things.

First, I’m proudly Canadian! So if you ask me to cheer for the American speed skating team, it’s not going to happen. I fear I might have my maple syrup privileges taken away.

Second, I don’t write about ‘actual’ speed skating. My readers mostly come here to read about my flailing attempts to learn this sport. You would wonder if people get bored reading about my inability to do one-legged glides, but apparently not! If I started doing write ups on actual speed skating stuff, I think they might be confused.

I don’t like to confuse my readers.

Lastly, I’m all about the Short Track, Baby! (read that in a George Costanza voice). Not that I have anything against Long Track. Two of my internet buddies are avid Long Trackers and they rock the kazbah. In fact, if there was a long track oval around here, I’d probably give it a go because there would be less chance of me falling and hurting one of my fellow speed skaters which quite frankly is my biggest fear whenever I get on the ice. I skate with some pretty nice people and wiping them out is on my Top Ten List of Things Not To Do.

Anyway, thanks for the google. I might not have been what you were looking or hoping for when you set out on your search, but it’s my little place on the internet and I think it’s pretty awesome.

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5 Responses to The Olympics And A Little Bit About Me!

  1. Keith says:

    I come here because you’re on my my blogroll. Amused every time.

  2. Pam Dillon says:

    I came here to make sure you keep your maple syrup privileges. ; )

  3. Maija says:

    Genius… one more reason why the blogosphere needs you :)

  4. No, I came here because I like you :)

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