Speed Skating Ass

Speed Skating Ass, Speed Skater’s Ass, Speed Skating Butt — these are three of the biggest google searches that bring people to my site.

And they get me! A 43-year-old woman trying to learn how to speed skate!

I can’t even fathom their disappointment.

This is what happens when your child gets a hold of your camera without you knowing.



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Sharon DeVellis is a mother, wife and writer who can uncork a wine bottle in less than 10 seconds but buys twist-offs for emergencies. She’s currently in therapy to stop talking about herself in third person.
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2 Responses to Speed Skating Ass

  1. Cynthia Hill says:

    Given the number of searches for Cynthia Hill and um, certain “adult activities” that happen, I’m guessing that people looking for the former Ms. Galaxy bodybuilder, not so much me ;)

  2. Kaari Cox says:

    Hmm, I must not use the word “ass” enough in my blog, because that hasn’t been a search term that’s brought people there. I did, on the other hand, have one poor fellow whose search term “hot sexy tractor women” landed him in my blog, where I had captioned a picture of my large, scruffy dog following the hubby on a tractor with “she thinks his tractor’s sexy.”

    Now, as to the skater butt…wear that ass proudly! You’ve earned every cubic centimeter!

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