Santa Claus Is Coming…To Watch You Skate

The other night when we went to Speed Skating Son’s speed skating Christmas party, Santa made an appearance.  The kids were all on the ice–ages ranging from 3 to 15–when they heard bells and a jolly Ho Ho Ho!

The little ones stopped in their tracks then quickly skated over to the boards as Santa came around to talk to them, Speed Skating Son included.  At some point Santa must have asked for them to show off their skating skills.

Speed Skating Son was off like a bat out of hell faster than you could blink, arms swinging all over the place.  Hockey Skating Husband and I were in the stands laughing hysterically.  Apparently if we want Speed Skating Son to give it his all, we just need a man with a white beard and the power to give him presents to come watch.

We may bring Santa to his next meet.


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One Response to Santa Claus Is Coming…To Watch You Skate

  1. Brandee says:

    That’s awesome. I imagine it would have been quite the sight – were all the kids skating like that?

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