My First Duathlon

My first duathlon was a shitty experience.

For reals.

As in I had massive diar….errr…..intestinal problems the morning of the duathlon. Intestinal issues before I left the house. Intestinal issues on the way to the race (my apologies to anyone who used that Tim Horton’s bathroom early Sunday morning) and intestinal issues during the race. As in, I ran into the transition zone after the first 2.5k and then ran right on out the other side to get to the porta-potties and then back into the transition zone to get my bike.

I brought two large water bottles with me because I knew hydration was going to be a problem and I drank both, plus the water at the aid station during the run.

The other part of my duathlon experience was that I wanted to do the whole thing based on my heart monitor reading so I’m not sure if it was completely successful since I was so dehydrated which I think may have made my heart rate higher than usual.

All in all, it my times were dismal – DISMAL – but aside from my rumbling stomach and worrying about shitting myself on the bike, I really liked it. The whole run/bike/run thing is a good thing.


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