How Supperworks Can Save Your Butt

Next week I start triathlon training. I was supposed to start this week but decided not to put the added pressure on myself and just hang out with the boys. Unfortunately, this year I have the added challenge of not having an actual trainer and I’m spending way more time at the rinks than I did last year so until the end of March my schedule is tight. As in tighter than a toddler’s lips when you’re trying to pry a penny out of his mouth.

Before I write anything else I will tell you that I received six free meals from Supperworks for this post BUT keep reading because…

1) I was actually one of the very first Supperworks customers in their flagship store. I don’t remember how I stumbled across it but I did and I’ve been using it ever since. It was a lifesaver when my boys were a toddler and a baby and I had postpartum depression. At that point, cooking wasn’t high on my list of priorities, getting through the day was. So it’s been over seven years of me using Supperworks.

2) Supperworks is my gift of choice for friends. This past year alone I gave a Supperworks gift card to not one, but two friends, who had babies–because cute outfits are, well, cute, but healthy meals when you’re sleep deprived are da bomb! And a few years ago I got a bunch of meals from Supperworks to give to my friend whose daughter was in the hospital but still had another little one at home to take care of. She was going back and forth between the hospital and home and we all know the rule of parenting is that you still have to feed your kids no matter what is going on in your life.

3) I have never actually made a meal inside the Supperworks store.

*insert needle scratching across record sound here*

Say what?

Yes, Supperworks has an option where you can pay an additional $25 to have them make the meals you choose and you just pick them up. It’s the option I’ve always used because it’s essentially saving me two hours of my time, and my time is worth $12.50 an hour.

I’m big on serving my family healthy food. I bulk cook and freeze and my slow cooker is my best friend. But for those times when life gets in the way, Supperworks has saved my butt more times than I can count.

Also, I “may” have told my husband on more than one occasion that I cooked a meal when it was actually Supperworks.

*shrugs shoulders*

The Congratulations note is how they present meals to families who have just had a new baby.

The Congratulations note is how they present meals to families who have just had a new baby.

p.s. Supperworks has been nothing short of fabulous when it comes to Speed Skating Son’s food allergies. They were always on top of the ingredients and I once received a phone call from the owner because the ingredient list on some buns that were included in a meal had changed and weren’t guaranteed to be nut-free anymore. She had been preparing a meal, saw the change and phoned to let me know she would be including rice instead of buns. 

p.p.s. When we went to pick up the food my boys discovered there is ‘Bring Your Child’ sessions available so we’ll be going as a family in January to make some meals – it will be a first for all of us!


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2 Responses to How Supperworks Can Save Your Butt

  1. Maija says:

    Such an awesome idea for a baby gift!

  2. Natalie Rea (@Nat_Rea) says:

    I’m going to Supperworks with my sister this month! It’s actually super-fun to make the food in-store. And plus, when dinner guests compliment me and ask if I made it, I can beam proudly and exclaim, YES!

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