First Night Of Swimming Lessons

Tonight is my first night of beginner swimming lessons and I’m a bit nervous. Not that I can’t swim at all-I can-just not very well. But it’s always hard that first time you go into a new situation not knowing what to expect.

Also, I hate water on my face. Did I mention that?

In other news, what the hell am I doing?

This week has kicked my ass. There were two workouts I couldn’t even finish. Part of me feels I’m in over my head, the other part that attempts to stay more positive thinks this week was a great baseline for me and now my only direction is up.

So tonight is swimming and tomorrow is Day 1 of boot camp followed by a 30-minute run my trainer added on to the day.

One day at a time is taking on a whole new meaning for me.


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Sharon DeVellis is a mother, wife and writer who can uncork a wine bottle in less than 10 seconds but buys twist-offs for emergencies. She’s currently in therapy to stop talking about herself in third person.
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3 Responses to First Night Of Swimming Lessons

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  2. Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments says:

    You’re an inspiration Sharon. I’m about to sign up for a twice weekly fitness class and I’m self conscious and worried I’ll quit and wondering if I can give up all the bad habits that one’s supposed to give up when you start excercising on the regular and honestly part of why I’m just going for it despite all the excuses and insecurity is because of you. Seriously my friend if you can skate around a packed arena on speed skates wearing spandex, swimming is going to be a walk in the park!

  3. Javamom says:

    I admire your stamina (I say this with a mouthful of roast beef, roast potato and veg). While you’re out there getting in shape, I sit here and eat, or purge the house (hey, the family isn’t here, best time to throw stuff out).

    Good luck with the swimming. My husband took his first ever swimming lesson at age 37, and he was terrified of water. It took him 3 terms of the same beginner’s lesson to break the fear, and now? No problem. Plus, he swims better than I do. I never learned proper technique, I just swam as a kid in an ocean…


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