If you follow me on Twitter you may notice me using the hashtag #FatBlast50. My boot camp is hosting a 50 day challenge. No grains (except quinoa and buckwheat), no sugar (including added sugars in processed foods – fruits are okay though!), and exercise for a minimum 30-minutes a day every day, for 50 days.

Sounds kind of extreme, right? I thought so too. But I also know my eating habits needed a bit of a boost. I eat tonnes of fruits and veggies but always the same kind. My morning breakfast of toast/bagel/english muffin with peanut butter was a habit that could be kicked to the curb.  And I love my morning coffee but it had a lot of sweetened creamer in it.

We won’t even get into the wine.

Apparently you can lose a lot of weight/body fat on this program but that’s not the reason I’m doing it (and I’m going to write about numbers later on this week). For me, I want to replace some of my not-so-good eating habits with better ones. I know for a fact that I will never give up grains for the rest of my life because I’m an “everything in moderation while eating as many real foods as I can” person but if I can learn some new ways to make quinoa and beans and introduce new veggies into my life then I think that’s a pretty good thing.

Also, what I love about this is it’s not all or nothing. I’ve seen programs like this where they are all “if you cheat once you have failed.”

(a) I don’t like any program that threatens me and
(b) in my head what I hear is “Hey! I had a bad day and now I can give up and go back to my old habits.”

This program is based on a points program so if you have wheat, or sugar, or don’t exercise one day, you just lose one point for the day. No biggie. Also, I’m on Team Going Green And Getting Mean and the team leader is Stephen, one of my bootcamp instructors, and one of my most favourite people.

He angry exercises with me!

Anyway, I  apologize in advance if I annoy the shit out of you but I’m excited to see where this leads.

It's good to be prepared

It’s good to be prepared

p.s. Yesterday it led to me spending three hours in the kitchen cooking chicken, making a kick-ass sweet potato soup, and a large bowl of chickpea salad.

p.p.s. My son came down with the flu yesterday and he gave it to me so my exercise for Day 2 of the program may consist of me running to the washroom.



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Sharon DeVellis is a mother, wife and writer who can uncork a wine bottle in less than 10 seconds but buys twist-offs for emergencies. She’s currently in therapy to stop talking about herself in third person.
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20 Responses to #FatBlast50

  1. Brandy says:

    Wow! I don’t know if I could cut out grains and/or sugar (it’s everywhere!). What did a typical day (or two) look meal wise?

    • Sharon says:

      Brandy, I would have cottage cheese with strawberries and blueberries for breakfast (and coffee/cream). Lunch would be a chicken breast with vegetables or soup (I got really good at making soup). Dinner would be some sort of protein and maybe chickpea salad or vegetables. I definitely at a lot more vegetables and beans while doing this. Lots and lots of beans.

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  5. Cherie-Lynn says:

    First off thank you for inspiring to live better. Because of you I have started moving at least 30 minutes everyday. I’m also looking for sugar when I read labels. I’m still eating it but way less than I was. I have a question though are you allowed youse stevia on this plan? I normally go without before using an artificial sweetener but I was curious. I’m looking so forward to following along as you move (see what I did there) through your 50 days.

    • Sharon says:

      Yes, Stevia is absolutely okay! And good for you for reading labels – it’s quite shocking when you realize how much sugar is in everything – even lunch meats!!! We shall inspire each other m’lady!

  6. Brandee says:

    Good for you for trying this! I don’t think that I would be brave enough to go no grains and no sugar at the same time, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with shaking it up a bit too.

  7. Laura B. says:

    Have I got a lentil soup for you!

    Nom nom nom…


    (You will have to make your own broth)

    50 days is a long time without chocolate.

    • Laura B. says:

      …and creme brulee.

      (Not that I often have creme brulee, but I have a particularly strong hankering for some right now, and I can’t imagine waiting 50 days to fulfill the craving).

    • Sharon says:

      That looks AMAZING! Bookmarked and will be making it! I wonder if you can do it with regular lentils (I only ask because I have a bag in my pantry). Also, this is not all or nothing which is what I like. I will definitely be having a glass of wine throughout and perhaps some chocolate.

      • Laura B. says:

        Aren’t red lentils regular lentils? Or do you have the green ones? I don’t think the green ones would work, as they hold their shape while red ones kind of cook to mush. Also, green lentils take forever and a day to cook.

  8. SL says:

    The very cool thing about joining a challenge such as this one, is that you will absolutely learn something about yourself and probably lots about what your body needs to be happy and healthy. Ultimately, it’s the encouragement of your team that will make a big difference in successfully completing it! All good things! For me, I am certain that my gut (inside) is happier without wheat/gluten and just like beauty and books what is on the inside is what matters most! : )

    Onward, Sharon! You are ever inspiring!

    • Sharon says:

      It’s so true that what’s on the inside that matters most! Can’t wait to see how the no wheat thing affects me – I’ve been reading a lot about it and find it all very interesting

  9. Pam Dillon says:

    Very cool! Confession: I’m a veggieholic. And I’m trying to shake things up here too by playing with the less-loved dudes — red cabbage, turnips, brussels sprouts, squashes etc, so I’m eating up your tweets and hashtags… ; )

    • Sharon says:

      I made a delicious Curry Sweet Potato soup yesterday Pam – I’ll send you the recipe. Am making butternut squash soup this week. If it turns out well, I’ll send that to you as well.

  10. Kaari says:

    Cool! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something like that, but haven’t yet had the guts. (Oh, I’ve certainly got the GUT, but that’s a different story). Anyway, the sugar part would be tough because I did that for 11 years and I know I can’t do it without artificial sweeteners, which are probably worse for me than sugar. But the grains may be doable…I made a nice microwave muffin for breakfast the other day, with flax and almond meal. Anyway, I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes!

    • Sharon says:

      The flax and almond meal muffin sounds good! I find in the morning I need something I can chew. Eggs just won’t cut it. The sugar thing is HARD. Do you know how many items sugar is in? It’s in chicken stock!!!!

      • Kaari says:

        Oh, trust me, I know how many–I learned a lot during my sugarfree years. Although I didn’t get too wound up about stuff like chicken stock, since it didn’t taste sweet–that was what the kiss of death was for me. I did use sugar in the muffin, but used to use Splenda when I was sugarfree. Basically just equal amounts flax and almond meal, egg, water, sweetener and whatever flavoring (spices, banana, cocoa, etc.), microwaved. Not as good as, say, a bagel with peanut butter…but not bad!

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