Dryland Training Has Begun

Tonight was the first night of dryland training. E., who coaches the Masters class in the winter, volunteered to run it. And before I go on about the class, let’s talk a bit about E., shall we? Because the question I get asked most often in my real life is “who is E.?”.

Way to steal my thunder.

Here’s the thing…I write about my speed skating experience and put it out into the internety world.  But E. doesn’t live her life on the internet. Nor does M. Or D. Or any of the other people in my class. They just happened to have the bad luck of being in the class of someone who does. E. teaches the class so is an integral part of my journey which means she gets mentioned–often–and I’m doing my best to respect her privacy. Thus the use of initials as opposed to names.

I will say this…the day I found out E. read my blog, I just about died. Like stare at the computer screen in total disbelief and thinking to myself, “no, it can’t be her” and then “holy crap, I think it’s her” and then sending an email going “is it you?” and then face smashing my keyboard when she replied “yes”. It’s very weird when your real life world and internet world collide. So now I just like to pretend she doesn’t read it at all.

Denial’s not just a river in Egypt.

I would say about 90% of the people who have asked me about E. have jumped to the conclusion that E. is male. Interesting, no? That most people would assume my speed skating coach is a male? That because it is someone who is athletic and competent and kicks serious ass on the ice it means it must be a male? *rolls eyes* It’s really very irritating.

While still respecting her privacy here’s what I will say about E. She’s extremely athletic (that one is a given), she is an amazing speed skater (even though she will say she isn’t), her journey to becoming a speed skater is incredibly interesting and I would love nothing more than to write about it because I think it’s truly inspiring, she’s smart, she voluntarily coaches a Masters class which means she’s also incredibly patient–because while you can actually teach an old dog new tricks, it’s way way harder than teaching the young pups–and she has answered every single one of my annoying emails which is also a testament to her patience.  She also makes me snort laugh. She’s a smart, patient, kind, athletic, funny, female. And while she’s way too many years my junior to count I admire her completely.

We need more strong women like her to be role models for our daughters.

I mean there’s the small detail that she’s trying to kill me with sprints but, you know, everyone has their faults.

Anyhoo….dryland training was….are you ready for this…..FUN.  I loved it.  I love doing it with Speed Skating Son and Hockey Playing Son. I love having N., who is the mom of another speed skater and we sort of hit it off and spent the last year on a cold bench laughing and bitching, as my partner. I love how sore I feel. I love that I’m competing against myself. I love that I suck at some of the things but am totally going to try to do my best to improve. And I love that I have this weekly thing to look forward to again.

It makes me realize how much I miss my Thursday night speed skating.

Also, while my legs are totally fine from last night’s workout my arms are ridiculously sore from running sprints.

My body is weird.


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Sharon DeVellis is a mother, wife and writer who can uncork a wine bottle in less than 10 seconds but buys twist-offs for emergencies. She’s currently in therapy to stop talking about herself in third person.
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9 Responses to Dryland Training Has Begun

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  3. Laura B. says:

    Dryland! It’s Wipeout-style obstacle courses for suckers, with no $50k cash prize at the end!

    I totally knew E was a woman. I think you used the pronoun “her” once, but also if you asked me to name any Olympic speedskater I would only be able to remember an all-female roster.

  4. Kaari Cox says:

    OK, I’ve always assumed that you’re one sick puppy, because you like short track–but now you’ve confirmed my suspicion by stating your love for dryland. You are one twisted individual! :-) Seriously, though, I’m glad you have a group to work out with and I’m glad you found something in the off-season to love. ..

    • Sharon says:

      Well, if I’m being completely honest I don’t like the two days AFTER dryland training. Nor do I like being beaten by 7 year olds. But my tolerance for humiliation seems to be growing by the day.

  5. Kat says:

    I don’t know what your dry land training entails other than sprints and pain, but it’s great to find something you look forward to. Somehow I agreed to join a friend at her twice-weekly boot camp classes after my race is done with. Not sure where that came from.

    • Sharon says:

      Last night was sprints and lower body stuff for speed skating followed by abs. Some of the kids had to run while wearing a parachute.

  6. jenn says:

    Yay for me being in the 10%! I guess I’ve seen so many strong, athletic females that I assumed E. Was female. Also: are you sure Jumping to conclusions isn’t exercise? It has the word “jump” in it. Jumping jacks are exercise. Though in retrospect, it’s probably a good thing that it isn’t exercise or there would be a lot of people with pulled muscles because they jump to conclusions so often.

    • Sharon says:

      I LOVE that you guessed female.
      I used to get a lot of exercise jumping to conclusions and backpedaling. I like to think I’ve matured with age :)

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