Blue Mountain Ridge Runner

Every morning while I’m putting on my make up, I watch Breakfast Television. I’ve been watching for so long Kevin, Dina, Frank and Jennifer feel like family, albeit family that doesn’t fight about who got more cereal in their bowl like certain people in this house.

Last week while I dabbing on under-eye concealer they announced a contest–send us an email and tell us why you should win an overnight stay at Blue Mountain. So I did. And I won which is cuh-razy because it’s the second trip I’ve won this year.  So on the last day of school, I picked up the boys and we headed up to Blue Mountain for the night. If you’ve never been or haven’t gone for a few years, like us, I highly recommend it–most especially for the Ridge Runner.

The Ridge Runner is a mountain coaster built into the escarpment and is over a kilometre long. Oh, and did I mention you control the speed? There’s a manual brake on each car so if you have little ones you can make it go slower or go full out for a ride that my kids declared to be “So much fun, mom! Can we do it again?”

And we did. We also took a Gondala ride (twice), played a game of mini-golf on the Cascade Putting course and spent the day in the Plunge Aquatic Centre.

Both boys were nervous about riding the Ridge Runner and Hockey Skating Son was scared to go on the gondola, but they both did it and ended up having a blast.  Now not only do they want to go back and do those again, they want to try the climbing wall and low ropes course. I want to go back and attempt the high ropes course.

There are hundreds of  things I do wrong as a parent but setting an example to try new things isn’t one of them. My kids see me trying new things on a daily basis and because of that, they’re often wanting to try new things themselves.

A big thank you to BT for giving my family the opportunity try something new and an especially big thanks to Frank Ferragine who took the time to sign an autograph for Speed Skating Son–you made it onto his wall of fame.

And you? The one reading this? Make today the day you set the example and try something new. You might just open up a whole new world for you and your kids.


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2 Responses to Blue Mountain Ridge Runner

  1. Jen Banks says:

    Love it!!

    I went to a wedding at the top of a mountain and the only way to get there was on a gondola. It was breathtaking! Some of our friends took advantage of the enclosed space on a dark mountain on the way down, if you know what I mean. I didn’t though, I’m a good girl.

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