A Triath-a-WHAT?

On July 21, 2013 I’m running the Toronto Triathlon Festival.  Big deal, right? I speed skate so how hard can this be.


I’m more of a floater than a swimmer, ideally with a glass of some fruity alcohol-laden drink in my hand. I go biking with my kids and feel the burn about two minutes in. I do run, and not just when someone who’s wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete is chasing me, but I tend to lope along at a casual pace.

So I’m going to train to do this race, most likely there will be cursing involved.

Have a question about the 2013 Toronto Triathlon Festival? Visit the FAQ page or email me at sharon (at) speedskatingmom (dot) com.

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7 Responses to A Triath-a-WHAT?

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  6. Jeni says:

    That’s fantastic, Sharon!
    Have fun with it: tape sharks fins to your wet suit, and of course…playing card in your bike spokes. ;)
    I know you will rock it.

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