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Moving Forward

Last week at this time I was hanging out at home exhausted after doing the triathlon. Not physically exhausted but literally tired because I hadn’t slept the two nights previous to racing. Boo Yah! I’ve had a week to mull … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of Ego

The night before the race I was in semi-freakout mode. My friend Alison kept emailing me pictures like these to make me laugh. And words of encouragement like: It could be waaaaay worse, you could have to have a kid … Continue reading

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I’m doing a recap of yesterday’s triathlon because this is apparently what you are supposed to do when you race in a triathlon. In related news: HOLY CRAP! I RACED IN A TRIATHLON! It was an amazing experience. I went … Continue reading

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Transition Clinic

Last night I went to a transition clinic hosted by the Ontario Women’s Triathlon and I’m so glad I did. I think if I went in blind on Sunday and tried to set up my bike and equipment I would … Continue reading

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Kicking Ass At The Half Ironman

I was really nervous about the triathlon next Sunday when I was given something I needed. Perspective. My friend, my supporter, the woman who I now bow down to – Deb Lowther – finished her Half Ironman yesterday. She swam … Continue reading

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Toronto Triathlon Is One Week Away

I’m not sure how this happened but the Toronto Triathlon Festival is only eight days away. In one week I’ll be doing a triathlon. *gulp* Since June 30th my training has gone in the crapper. I knew going into this … Continue reading

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Summer Rules

Eating will be done outside. The first person to say they are bored gets a chore. Roasting marshmallows once a week is mandatory. Technology does not belong at a camp fire. Ever. There are 150 Freezies in the freezer: Enjoy. … Continue reading

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